2016 Recipients

Zachary Stocksdale - Hanzell Vinyards

Zachery is completing his MS at UC Davis in Viticulture and Enology and plans to complete harvests in Europe and New Zealand next later this year. (hoping to make Central Otago Pinot noir, Riesling).

"The small winemaking team at Hanzell Vineyards cultivates a family-like environment, with a sincere interest in providing an engaging and holistic harvest experience for all involved. This work atmosphere eased the daily grind of harvest, whether vineyard sampling at sunrise, spending long hours on the sorting table, toiling away in the barrel-aging cave, or performing late-night punchdowns. It was wonderful to implement and expand on the knowledge I’ve acquired through formal study, by working closely with so many experienced wine professionals."

Grant Thompson Laird - Au Bon Climat

"The internship was amazing! Everyone at ABC was beyond generous and taught me even more about the varying taste of wine than I could've imagined."

2015 Recipients

Alison Bart - Soter Vineyards

"Working at Soter provided an unbelievable opportunity to get a taste of many of the major facets of winemaking as well as an understanding of the Oregon wine industry. From day one I was thrown into the biggest part of working the harvest: cleaning. As the weeks progressed I was able to take on more responsibilities, from sampling and labwork to topping off barrels to the many punchdowns and pumpovers required for Pinot. The hours were very long and the work is very intense, but it’s hard to beat the vineyard sunrises and sunsets I would see most days. As the operation is quite small, I really was able to learn a bit of everything and had so much fun gaining the knowledge that I could discuss when visiting vineyards in the area and elsewhere."

Connor Roberson - Au Bon Climat

"My expectations could not be more blown away. It is a fantastic place to work with people generous in their wisdom and their wine. This experience has changed the way I think, work and live."

Mary Schneier - Hanzell Vineyards

"I gained the hands-on experience that I was looking for - sampling grapes, harvesting, processing, inoculating, performing laboratory analysis, and more. It was hard work and long hours, but I loved every minute of it. My favorite experience was tasting through 10 vintages of the pinot noir and chardonnay and discussed how they are aging."

2014 Recipients

Sarah Atwood - Hanzell Vineyards

Sarah is on track to apply to UC Davis for Graduate school and become a winemaker.

"When I look back on my experiences of the labor-intensive work and long hours I certainly agree with Michael McNeill, this is not a romantic business. And yet, I was able to fall in love with it all the same. There is such a high energy and excitement that comes along with harvest.

What I learned from Hanzell and the knowledge I received from hands on experience is incomparable, I know I will not be satisfied without a more intense study of viticulture and enology."

Conner Clark - Au Bon Climat

Connor passed his Court Master level 2 in December 2014, will be working at Villa Maria in New Zealand in March 2015 and is speaking with distributors about jobs after that.

"Working at Au Bon Climat was the the best experience that I could have asked for. Never have I felt more taken care of while at work and felt such a sense of pride to be associated with one of the original pioneers of the wine industry. I felt as if this was the place that I was meant to work at during this period in my life."

Mike Garrison - Soter Vineyards

"As one of the fortunate recipients of the Jimmy Mancbach Memorial Scholarship, I wanted to share my thanks for the amazing harvest experience I had at Soter Vineyards. This vintage was pleasantly warm for us in Oregon without being too hot, so we saw wonderfully even ripening with impressively concentrated flavors from the newly fermented wine. Even with my minimal experience, this seemed like a vintage full of promise, which gives me incredible excitement to see how the wines will evolve years from now once bottled.

My experience with the entire crew at Soter was nothing short of amazing. In such a short time we really seemed to have an atmosphere of collaboration and family. Learning and training were the name of the game right off the bat. I still can hardly believe all of the tasks I now know how to perform around a winery.

The memories of sunrise in the vineyard while the pickers were singing and joking, and the sunsets at the winery while putting the newly fermented wine to bed in barrel, will live with me forever. Winemaking is incredibly hard work, but sometimes if you let it, the romanticism of what you're doing really takes hold of you. This was an experience of a lifetime that you helped enable for me, and for that I couldn't thank you enough!"

2013 Recipients

Mike Dmytrenko - Soter Vineyards

Currently preparing application for the UC Davis program in Viticulture and Enology

"It has been a very interesting and rewarding harvest working in Oregon for Soter Vineyards. Beyond work, my exposure to the northwest and the challenges of grape growing in Oregon's unique climate have broadened my perspective of winemaking as a whole.

Having been awarded the Jimmy Mancbach Memorial Scholarship has further strengthened my desire to continue a career in winemaking. I will recommend future peers to apply to the foundation."

Alan Feldman - Vinecliff Winery

Alan has been a sommelier at Scarpetta at the Fontainebleau and is currently pursing a sommelier post in either downtown Miami or NYC.

"Not a day goes by that I don't think about my trip and the Napa Valley. Rob Sweeney and the entire team at Vinecliff was awesome. Unforgettable."

Bailey Hasbrouck - Au Bon Climat

Currently an On Premise Wine Sales Representative with RNDC (Republic National Distributing Company) which is the 2nd largest distributor in the country.

"This scholarship gives you the opportunity to find your niche in the industry. During my time at the winery I participated in two different tastings, the Santa Barbara County Vintners Celebration of Harvest festival and the ABC/Qupé Open House. Both times I felt completely in my element. I may not have been cut out for the physical labor of winemaking, but in those moments I knew I was made to teach others about the beauty and endless possibilities of wine."

Scott Quarella - Hanzell Vineyards

"What I learned working harvest at Hanzell far surpasses an in class education that I have ever received.

My plan after Hanzell is to return to m family's winery located in southern New Jersey and run our family farm that has been operational since 1914 when my great great grandfather Angelo immigrated to America. Since then the family farm has been handed down from father to sonand I will continure the family tradition by becoming the fifth generation of Quarellas to operate Bellview Farms Inc. However, unlike my ancestors I have the opportunity to go beyond the comfort zone of our family farm at a young age and due to my experience at an esteemed winery."

2012 Recipients

Marc Piro - Au Bon Climat & Qupe (3 months and employed for an additional 2 months)

Currently employed at Vasse Felix Winery Margaret River, Australia

"I can’t express enough how great my experience was, meeting and getting to know Jim Clendenen and Bob Linquist was so valuable. Analyzing the flavor profiles of the many outstanding wines we tasted daily at lunch, listening to them talk about them, was extremely beneficial. They know the business and they know winemaking, so when I start my own venture I know that those two guys can help me in whatever questions come up. The words thankful and grateful hardly describe how I feel about my experience."

Amanda Bates - Hanzell Winery (2 months)

Currently finishing her last 2 semesters at FIU and President of Friends of Wine

"I kept a blog of my experience which I’d like to share with you. The link is www.pickinggrapeswithbates.blogspot.com Thank you so much for this opportunity. I cannot wait to return to Sonoma!"

Kaitlin Obrien - Soter Vineyards (2 1/2 months)

Graduated UC San Luis Obispo, Viticulture and Enology

"Working at such a small winery was alot of work but I really benefited from being able to assist in every task. I learned alot of new things and enhanced the things I already knew. Working with a small crew allowed me to ask more questions and understand in greater detail why Tony Soter does what he does to make such excellent wines. This harvest was a great one and I can’t wait to see how the wines turn out. It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait for the next harvest!"

Alexandra Givner - Vine Cliff Winery (1 week)

Distribution & Wine Events for Southern Wine & Spirits

"If I could sum up my short seven days at Vine Cliff in one word it would be incredible. Yes the words: fun, educational and exhausting also come to mind, but the experience as a whole was incredible. The extremely knowledgeable and amazing team at Vine Cliff welcomed me with open arms and made me feel part of the team from day one. I had not idea what I was in for, but they assured me it would be an experience I would always remember. Coming from a wine distribution background, I was very familiar with the way the product moved from warehouse to retailer, but not much about how the product arrived to the warehouse. This was truly an eye-opening experience!"

2011 Recipients

Daniel Chaviano - Hanzell Winery (2 months)

Prior to internship, Prep-Chef at The Inn of Little Washington.

"Last year, the main highlight in my professional life was my three-month internship at an extraordinary and historical winery, Hanzell Vineyards. The Jimmy Mancbach Memorial Scholarship Foundation provided a magnificent experience that helped me gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of wine. Most importantly, the purpose behind this special scholarship helped motivate me to better educate others about fine wines.I am currently searching for the right opportunity, one that will expose me to unique wines from different parts of the world. I would love to be in a position where I may share the endless and ever-surprising stories behind these wines. Working at the winery was no doubt really physical and hard but I have now a better understanding of winemaking, how it is done and what it takes."

Christopher Birnie-Visscher - Vine Cliff Winery (2 months)

Currently Assistant Sommelier at Cafe Boulud, Palm Beach

"I am preparing for the Court of Masters Sommeliers’ Advanced Exam for the upcoming months of April/August 2012. This internship has shown me the hard work and love that goes into making wine. Having the opportunity to work with some of the finest people in the wine making business is a dream come true. The terminology you read in books, you actually get to perform yourself! The education and experiences I have learned from the Jimmy Mancbach Scholarship will always be with me. Now I can share these experiences with my guests, friends, and anyone who has a passion for wine!"

Elizabeth Collichio - Au Bon Climat Winery (3 months)

Currently working at Zach’s NYC, Private Client Service Department.

"The JMMS firmly wedged my foot into the wine industry’s door. Working at Vine Cliff winery showed me the painstaking lengths which a winery must employ in order to become truly world class. The level of MOG separation and care that was put into ensuring their crop was free of contaminated berries was inspiring. I worked my hands to the bone and loved every day of it. I’m currently employed in a more administrative position right now and am focusing on my sommelier studies but I am enthusiastically awaiting the next vintage that I can go back to making wine. My resume and knowledge has significantly benefited from my experience with the JMMS and without this award I may not be in a leadership position for a five diamond, four star resort. I am exceptionally grateful for the opportunities I’ve had thanks to JMMS and for those in the future I am certain to find."

Adam Obregon - Glen Lyon Winery (2 months)

Employed at The Wine Place, a wine bar in Pembroke Pines, Florida and will be graduation with a Bachelors in Hospitality Management in the spring 2012. Will be working again at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival this year pouring wine, etc.

"The internship and this whole experience has been the best thing I've done in my life. It has opened doors for me and I know it will help lead me to success."

2010 Recipients

Erwin Tejos - Au Bon Climat Winery (3 months)

Eric White - Heitz Cellars (3 months)

Associate Winemaker at Heitz Cellars.

"As you know I was hired on after harvest as a fulltime employee where I mostly worked in the cellar. Do to recent changes at the winery, hard work, and a slight bit of luck, I have been promoted to Associate Winemaker at Heitz Wine Cellars. Never did I imagine working at such a prestine winery so early in my career but to be the Associate Winemaker is a whole nother story. Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for you, the Jimmy Mancbach Scholarship, my education and teachers, my parents and all the people that have helped me get to where I am today. I can truely say that your help and the Jimmy Mancbach has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity and has allowed me to gain practical hands on experience in the wine industry. A degree in Enology from the University of San Luis Obispo in combination with my harvest experience through the Jimmy Mancbach Memorial Scholarship has put me one step ahead and has allowed me to begin a career in the wine industry.

As of now I plan to continue working in the wine industry with the hopes of someday working my way up to head winemaker somewhere in the Napa Valley. Prior to receiving my job I was comtemplating attendting the University of Adelaide in Australia to receive my Masters Degree in Enology. Those plans remain in the back of my mind and will depend where my career takes me."

Roxanne Shafer-Moghadam - Hanzell Winery (1 week)

Service Director at Restaurant Jean-George, New York.

"My fortuitous time at Hanzell was comprised of long, beautiful days. The kinds of days that built themselves upon family and good, strong work, lack of ego, and rather, a sense of pride, not in oneself but, in the collective work. ‘At times I do not know where my hands end and those of Hanzell begin...’ Bob Sessions said as he pieced together the 2010 harvest, inches away from me at the sorting table.

And yes, years that that job would beacon one towards that sentiment. In here, at this place, is a a timelessness that speaks only of the yearning to be more clear, more close to the articulation of harvest, of season, of a distinct moment in time - one that might be passed down from one generation to the next.

That is what the Jimmy Mancbach Scholarship meant to me, and what, I believe it was intended for. Wine, wine-making, in its absolute hedonism, in its individuality, in its purity and lack of abstraction, represents how moments live and form a timelines that define who we are more clearly than we could record ourselves. My lucky space at Hanzell, as aforded to me by this scholarship, was absolutely, indescribably beautiful and formativ in my life. And yet, I don’t know where it became in me or where it ended. I am solely impressed by its power in my life."

2009 Recipients

Emily Rodewald - Au Bon Climat Winery (3 months): view Emily’s experience

Started an educational blog called, TASTE OF ENGEDI

"I thrive on sharing my passion for wine that was developed through my education and my experience in the wine field, but most importantl my time spent at ABC and Qupe. The JMMS was a dream come true for me. From the very first class I took at FIU to working the SOBE and eventuall my internship, I had a deep desire to learn more about wine. However the most impacting experience to date, was actually taking part in creating/producing wine at ABC/QUPE. That is what the JMMSF has allowed me, the hands on experience which has taken me to the next level. What road my passion for wine will have me travel within the next few years I do not know. There is one thing for certain, my experience at ABC/Qupe was only attainable through being an honored rcipient of the JMMSF and for that I am forever grateful."

Richard Cronkhite - Vinecliff (3 months)

Assistant Manager at Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas. BS in Viticulture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

"The JMMS firmly wedged my foot into the wine industry's door. Working at Vine Cliff winery showed me the painstaking lengths which a winery must employ in order to become truly world class. The level of MOG separation and care that was put into ensuring their crop was free of contaminated berries was inspiring. I worked my hands to the bone and loved every day of it. I’m currently employed in a more administrative position right now and am focusing on my sommelier studies but I am enthusiastically awaiting the next vintage that I can go back to making wine. My resume and knowledge has significantly benefited from my experience with the JMMS and without this award I may not be in a leadership position for a five diamond, four star resort. I am exceptionally grateful for the opportunities I've had thanks to JMMS and for those in the future I am certain to find."

Sandra Wauquier - Soter Vineyards (1 week)

Southern Wine & Spirit of Florida; Studying for the Master Sommelier Exam with the Court of Master Sommelier Program

"This week at Soter Vineyards in Oregon meant a lot to me for a lot of different reasons. First of all it was the first time I went to a vineyard. It was my first harvest/crush season and it was my first time to be in Oregon. So I was absolutely thrilled and excited to be there as everything was new for me. Soter could not have been a better match for me. I started to work pretty much as I arrived on the first day. The grapes had already started to come in and we had to destem them and put them in various tanks. From that point on it was all about taking care of them to make sure they will be producing the best wine possible. I saw all the steps from delicious sweet grapes juice to fully fermented juice. Unfortunately, I left too early to see how they will put the wines in barrels. However, I still got to accomplish and learn a lot in a week. I did a lot of pump over, punch down, racking and return, learn how to use various tools like the Anton Paar especially to measure brix and temperature. I also tasted the juice, must, and wine. To feel the transition on the palate is truly remarkable.

I will never forget this unique experience in such a beautiful vineyard and winery, along with the people I meet there and the wonderful dinners and work we shared all together. I would recommend this experience to anyone and will cherish Soter’s wines forever. I can’t wait to return, or see them again down the road when they visit South Florida. I am looking forward as well to taste in about 2 years from now, the 2009 vintage which I worked on."

2008 Recipients

Jerry Spoto - Soter Vineyards (2 weeks)

Southern Wine & Spirits, Transatlantic Wine & Spirits Devision, Distribution in Orlando hotels. Preparing for the Wine & Spirits Education Trust Diploma exam in September.

Katie Dandridge - Tandem Winery (3 months)

Sommelier at Mastro’s Ocean Club in Newport Beach, Ca. Studying for Advanced Sommelier exam.

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