Candidate Requirements

  1. Entry to mid-level position in the wine, food or hospitality industry or recent graduate of wine and hospitality studies.
  2. Demonstrate passion for the learning about fine wine.
  3. Completed application.
  4. Completed references in support of the candidates interest in fine wine.
  5. A plan for a career in the wine, food or hospitality industry showing long-term commitment and a need for this in-depth and hands-on experience working with great Winemakers.
  6. Candidate must be a U.S citizen or permanent resident.


The JMMSF offers 4 annual scholarships for 2½ months - 3½ during the crush season. Here the intern will have the opportunity to be involved with the making of fine wine and everything that goes into it.

Due to size of the participating boutique wineries, the intern is an integral part of the operation. Each winery and vintner varies, as does each situation. Once your application has been accepted and approved you will be contacted on all specifics of the internships.

The scholarship monies are to assist in the costs of living expenses while interning. The scholarship reward is for $5000.00. Please note that all hosting wineries pay an additional hourly wage or housing with bonus.

Scholarships are awarded annually based on merit, outstanding character and hard work.

Inquires regarding scholarships should be directed to Jane Fletcher, Executive Director, Jimmy Mancbach Memorial Scholarship Foundation at


Scholarship Application: View as PDF or Download Word Doc

Scholarship Reference Form: View as PDF or Download Word Doc


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